"The book offers common sense plainly written advice"

- "New York Times"

"Les Kotzer is quickly becoming the most sought after Wills and inheritance specialist in North America."

- "The Windsor Star"

"There is one book that is just the thing to bring sanity to this picture, and it made me a believer in preparation and prevention as the cure. It is called the Family Fight and is appropriately subtitled 'planning to avoid it'."

- "Seattle Times"

"The book can help families prevent estate battles...Kotzer's book is written for ordinary people not attorneys."

- "Chicago Sun-Times"

"I can honestly tell you that nobody addresses the topic of families and inheritance with more sensitivity, compassion or understanding than Les Kotzer.  My listeners loved him."

- "John Rothmann, ABC Affiliated
KGO Newstalk 810 San Francisco "

The Family Fight in the Media

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The Family Fight... Planning to avoid it
  • Nov, 2013Continental Atlantic Publications Inc. first published The Family Fight ... Planning to Avoid it in Digital format
  • Feb 2014The Family Fight ... Planning to Avoid it made available for sale ONLINE in Digital format
  • Coming 2014 A new book by Barry Fish and Les Kotzer, The Wills Lawyers... Their Stories of Money, Inheritance, Family, Greed and Betrayal.
  • CurrentlySome copies are still available in Trade Paperback. Quantities are limited

Five ticking time bombs in your will.
Les Kotzer shares five common problems that he sees in wills with National Post Reporter, Melissa Leong. Read this important article.

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